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Formby is bounded to the west by the Irish Sea, the shore being protected by sandhills, covered with creeping willows and star grass. Formby's highest point is within these dunes that afford shelter from the sea winds  and contain a number of wild plants. The land between Formby and the areas of Southport, Ormskirk and Liverpool is green belt, used for arable agricultural purposes. The section of land between Formby and the coast is varied in vegetation, wildlife and terrain. The area includes pine forests, natural and man-made, sand dunes, marram grass, deciduous woodland, seasonal ponds and lakes. Large areas of this land are protected by the National Trust. Formby is in a temperate climate zone, with mild winters and warm summers.


Formby Golf Club has held four Amateur Championships, the most recent being in 2009 (also coinciding with the 125th Anniversary of the Club) and is a major contributor to the local economy.

Formby Hall is a Grade II listed building comprising a 68 bedroom hotel and banquetting facility, with much of the land around it now a proprietary golf course, served by a Golf Academy and Spa and is also an important part of the local economy

Formby Beach was the location of the first lifeboat station in the UK established perhaps as early as 1776 by William Hutchinson, Dock Master for the Liverpool Common Council.

RAF Woodvale is a small RAF station on the outskirts of the town used for light aircraft and fighter training, as well as hosting a few civilian aircraft and Merseyside Police's helicopter. A section of the land was acquired by the Wildlife Trust as a heathland site.

Formby Pool is a major attraction and amenity for the local community  

In terms of wildlife the area is home to important reserves. The pine woods at Victoria Road have been established as a National Trust reserve for the red squirrel, that is listed on the endangered species list. Formby is also famous for the presence of natterjack toads and sand lizards. Formby is only one of a few sites in England where they will breed.  

As regards to sport links the area is often referred to as being part of ‘Sefton’s Golf Coast’ in that it is famous for links golf courses such as Royal Birkdale, Southport and Ainsdale, Hillside, West Lancashire and Hesketh. Formby is home to the best known amateur golf club in England, Formby Golf Club. The club is used for professional qualifying competitions and tournaments such as the ladies Curtis Cup held against the USA in 2004.

There are thriving tennis and cricket clubs in Freshfield. Formby also has a football team who play in the North West Counties Football League. In addition a wide variety of sporting groups are based in the Village e.g. in 2007, Formby Vikings Rugby Union Team was established to encompass a wide range of ages including a Colts 1st XV team.