Community Plan

In essence a Community Plan should show what a community aspires to, its present position and future requirements. To-date the work of the Parish Council has centred around:

  • Safety, security and wellbeing
  • Dealing with local environmental issues
  • The local economy
  • Village appearance

In 2010 the First Parish Plan was approved and various initatives successfully implemented e.g. Neighbourhood in Bloom (2010-12), Portas project application (2011), completion of Phase 1 of the Village Improvement Programme and approval of a number of Town centre projects (2013). Moving forward the Phase 2 of the Village Improvement Programme has commenced (2014) and includes the new Wi-Fi project and the concept design for Elbow Lane. This together with the work being done under the auspices of the Neighbourhood Plan means Formby is entering an exciting new phase of development.