Council History

The Parish Council was formed in 2004 at a time when there was little threat of recession and financial austerity.

At the time the working population was dependent upon the public sector to a considerable degree. The Parish Council took the decision to focus its attention on the safety and security of residents and the local environment, as opposed to dealing with more fundamental economic matters. This was partly driven by the fact there was no planned investment regarding Formby‚Äôs infrastructure or in the Village centre area around Chapel Lane. 

In 2007 the Parish Council agreed to develop a broader, more ambitious and longer-term strategy for the community, resulting in the decision to develop a Parish Plan in 2009. Refecting these developments later that that year the Council submitted applications in respect of the C3 Climate Change Challenge. In May 2010 the first draft of the Parish Plan was presented to the Council for discussion. This was subsequently refined and and by 2011 a number of key themes had been identified around:

  • Safety and wellbeing, including increasing the security of people using Village facilities
  • Environmental issues, including flood plain management
  • The need to address local economic concerns, including the development of a number of community-led initiatives
  • The importance of improving the quality and aesthetic value of the Village street scene

These themes were all incorporated into the first Parish Plan and reflected in the commencement of Phase 1 of the Formby Village Improvement Programme (2010). Between 2010 and 2012 the Village enjoyed Neighbourhood in Bloom success. In 2011 a Portas Project application was explored. The following year Phase 1 of the improvement programme was completed and a number of town centre projects approved. 

In September 2013 Sefton MBC considered the Council's aplication to designate Formby and Little Altcar parish as a 'neighbourhood area' for the purpose of preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan. Designated Area Status was duly granted and the Council is currently in the process of producing a Neighbourhood Development plan for the whole of Formby. In 2014 Phase 2 of the Village Improvement Programme was commenced. 

By providing strong  leadership the Parish Council together with the Area Committee and Sefton MBC is helping Formby to adapt to the economic challenges facing the area. To this end we remain grateful for the continued support from local residents and businesses.