Legal Notices

Notice of Election December 2019

Information for Voters (Referendum)

Notice of Referendum -Formby and Little Altcar Neighbourhood Plan

Decision Statement from Sefton Council

Summary of comments Regulation 16 consultation

Privacy Notice 

Risk Assessment

2020 Minutes

Agenda July 2020

Agenda and Minutes June 2020

Agenda and Minutes April 2020

Agenda and Minutes March 2020

Agenda and Minutes February 2020

Agenda and Minutes January 2020

2020 Annual Audit Return

In compliance with the Localism Act 2011 and the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, Formby Parish Council publishes items of Council expenditure, with the exception of salaries, that individually exceed £250. 

Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019/20 we have also attached a detailed explanation for section 2 of the Accountability Return for any variation in spending this year.

Chapel Lane Tree Report

Statement from Sefton Council regarding the tree outside Boots

Full report September 2018

Full report May 2018

Full report February 2018


Letter of objection to DC/2018/00093 Outline application Land at Brackenway

Letter of objection regarding scoping opinion request for the construction of a well pad, Land to the North West of Suttons Lane, Great Altcar

Letter regarding Unexploded Ordinance Risk at Andrews Lane

Letter of objection to application to develop land at Altcar Lane 

Land at Brackenway comments and objection to Outline Planning permission

Response to Network Rail submission on Hoggs Hill Lane crossing

letter regarding Andrews Lane and Hoggs Hill Lane rail crossing

Letter of objection to application to develop land south of Andrews Lane

2nd letter of objection to application for land south of Andrews Lane

Letter of objection to application for apartment development at Marsh Brows

Andrews Lane decision covering letter 

Andrews Lane Appeal decision

2019 Minutes

Agenda and Minutes December 2019

Agenda and Minutes November 2019

Agenda and Minutes October 2019

Agenda and Minutes September 2019

Agenda and Minutes July 2019

Agenda and Minutes June 2019

Agenda and Minutes May 2019

Agenda and Minutes Parish Meeting May 2019

Agenda and Minutes April 2019

Agenda and Minutes March 2019

Agenda and Minutes February 2019

Agenda and Minutes Parish Meeting January 2019

Agenda and Minutes January 2019

2018 Minutes

Agenda and Minutes December 2018

Agenda and Minutes November 2018

Agenda and Minutes October 2018

Agenda and Minutes September 2018

Agenda and Minutes July 2018

Agenda and Minutes June 2018

Agenda and Minutes May 2018

Agenda and Minutes April 2018

May 2015 to March 2018 Minutes

May 2017 - March 2018 minutes

May 2016 - April 2017 minutes

May 2015 - April 2016 minutes

Councillors meeting attendances






2019 Annual Audit Return

Notice of exercise of public rights and the Annual Return 2019

External Auditor report

Community Fund

Community Fund Guidelines

Community Fund Application Form

2016-17 Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Agenda and Minutes October 2017

Agenda and Minutes August 2017

Agenda and Minutes April 2017

Agenda and Minutes September 2016

Agenda and Minutes August 2016

Agenda and Minutes June 2016

Agenda and Minutes March 2016

Minutes February 2016

2016 Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Neighbourhood Plan for Referendum

Consultation Response Form

EB1 Evidence Base Summary

EB7 The population of Formby and Little Altcar

EB8 Household Projections

EB10 Final Report - Case Studies

EBQ1 Key Facts for Formby and Little Altcar

EBQ2 Under 18 survey

EBQ3 Business Survey

EBQ4 Residents Full Survey

EBQ5 Residents Quick Survey

EQ9 Comment

EB6 Housing Needs Assessment

EB12 Delivery Strategy

EB11 Flooding Report

Survey Results

Sports Facility Questionnaire and comments

Under 18 survey

Residents survey

Residents quick survey

Business survey

Older documents

Anyone requiring sight of older available documents e.g. including Agendas and Minutues of Parish Council Meetings; the Annual Audit Return for
previous years; Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Agendas and Minutes ; back copies of the Parish Council Newsletters ; Neighbourhood Plan
Consultation documents; and forms for grant applications, objections etc should contact the Parish Clerk email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.