Formby Wifi update

The Council can now confirm that the Formby Wi Fi has been installed and switched on. As reported last month it will operate in Chapel Lane essentially and will be commissioned over the next week or so. It is operating under the Formby Wi Fi Spark tag. A commissioning period is necessary to ensure that it is working efficiently, that maintenance arrangements are in place and the various filters operate efficiently. The aim is to provide Formby, its businesses and residents an opportunity to access the internet as they go about their tasks whether it is for pleasure or trade. It is confined to Chapel Lane into Brows Lane and the short distance to Waitrose store and along Halsall Lane, as far as Furness Avenue. It has been a complex project and a great many people have been consulted as part of the installation and design, to ensure the best we can afford and that all risks have been considered. The Parish Council wishes to thank all involved in the process. If you need any further details please contact our clerk, Claire Jenkins, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There will be a regular monthly review of progress and any comments and advice from users will be helpful.