Formby Traffic and Parking

The problems of parking in Formby has been well reported to the officer/s responsible over the last 10 years by the Parish Council and yet the difficulties remain.

The two areas of concern are:


The first is related to the Pinewoods/National Trust and the impact upon the adjacent properties and residents especially during the busy summer weekends. The consequences of the ill thought through changes made in recent years have continued to be matter of great concern and still have to be resolved. That work continues to be championed by Ward Councillors Killen and Dutton.

The second concerns the Village Centre and roads nearby, especially Brows Lane, Rosemary Lane and Halsall Lane.

The matter has been brought to the attention of this committee in the past and last year it was decided by officers that no work could be done immediately. I have to point out that the problem is worse now than ever before, and we ask for a serious and detailed study be made of the area to find ways of restrict street parking during the shopping hours, at the same time maintaining the economic viability of the village centre and safe for residents, pedestrians, the less able and drivers. It will require imagination and a good deal of consultation, and to be part of our Village Improvement Project Phase 2.

So will the Central Sefton Area Committee revise its commitment for the work in the Village to be addressed as a matter of urgency and instruct the Officer responsible, to work with the Ward and Parish Councillors, in order to set out a programme of evaluation and recommendations and to report back at the next meeting of this committee?