Green waste Collection

Formby residents will now be aware of the changes planned for the waste collection service provided by Sefton.

  • The Parish Council recognises the need for economies but is this really the right thing to do without consultation?
  • Cllr Hardy knows she has a duty to consult.
  • Sefton MBC signed up to improving its record of recycling and from 2006 Formby has led the way lifting Sefton recycling rates.
  • Formby recycles over 60% well ahead of the rest of the Borough.
  • How will these changes affect our situation? Will it lead to us all taking more to the tip, if so what action has there been, can they cope, will there be a greater contamination of waste in the grey bins, and worse still will it encourage fly tipping?
  • What about Sefton’s commitment to reducing the cost of landfill charges?
  • What is your opinion? Please help us by responding to these thoughts.