Pride of Formby Awards

The awards evening will take place on Friday 14th October at The Gild Hall, Church Road, Formby at 8.00 pm.

We are asking for residents to nominate people for these awards which will then be passed on our the judging panel for them to decided the winner. If there is more than 3 nominations they will be reduced to 3 finalists with the winner being announced on the Awards Night Presentation.

If you want to nominate anyone for a specific award then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will send out a nomination form to be completed and returned. Or download a form from the downloads section of the website (P2 category "Forms for grant applications etc.)

The closing date for nominations is Friday 16th September 2016

We are also looking for firms/business to sponsor an award.

Categories are as follows:

Teacher of the Year

This award recognises a person whose teaching, leadership or mentoring has inspired others to achieve more in their education and career.  Judges will be looking for either an individual or an organisation that has made a real difference in their students' lives within a Formby School either primary or secondary.

Carer of the Year Award

To recognise someone who either looks after, or helps to support, other people. It could be a family member at home, a friend or relative. They may run errands, do shopping, tidy homes and gardens, help to care for pets or simply pop round for a morale-boosting chat, and if part of their career, going above and beyond their job requirements.

Courage Award

Someone who has overcome adversity, experienced family tragedy, dealt with a huge challenge or tackled something completely new. Despite their situation they may have turned a negative into a positive to help others and make the community a better place.

Good Neighbour of the Year Award

Someone whose actions have had a positive impact on their neighbourhood or their actual neighbours. This may be through good deeds on a regular basis, or simply an individual whose community-minded attitude brightens up someone else’s day.

Fundraiser of the Year Award Over 16

Someone who is an amateur fundraiser, not necessarily raising the most money but using the most innovative or creative methods to do so in order to help others. It could be a one-off project or something they have done regularly over a number of years. This award is for individuals and will be split into two categories, junior, for under 16s and adult fundraisers.

Fundraiser of the Year Award Under 16

Community Hero Award

Someone who helps to keep their local community ticking. This person will volunteer within the local community providing a service or filling the many gaps not provided by other organisations; they give up their time freely to ensure their local community is a better place.

Special Young Person of the Year Award

A young person, aged 18 or under, who has shown maturity beyond their years and whose attitude and actions makes them stand out from the crowd. This might have been coming to the rescue in an emergency, showing composure and compassion in a crisis, caring for relatives, or spearheading a relevant campaign.