Rights of Way - St Luke's Church Road

Formby Parish Council made an application for a modification to the “Definitive Rights of Way Map” to add certain footpaths to the definitive map to have them classified as “Rights of Way”.

This application was made in August 2017. Subsequently, Sefton Council provided a map (October 2017) and asked us to find out who the landowners are; this process has taken many months including enquires to the Crown and Duchy of Lancaster, however we have not found the owners for some of the paths including the one off Cambridge Road and so now we have been asked to put up notices so that anyone with a legitimate interest may come forward. At present these footpaths are not on the Definitive Map and so are not “Rights”, but have been enjoyed by residents for many years to provide access to the beach. We wish to ensure that these footpaths become “Rights” and so can be enjoyed by future residents.