Parish Councillors

Parish Councillors Declarations of Interest are held by Sefton Council. Please find below a thumbnail profile of each Parish Councillor

Cllr McCannBob McCann
Bob was elected in November 2014 and was elected by members to be Chairman of the Parish Council at the May Annual Meeting 2015. He works in computer and technology support and management. Bob has an interest in flooding, drainage and coastal erosion.




Cllr BaxterDerek Baxter
Derek was elected in May 2015 and has an interest in the environment. Derek is a member of the General Projects group and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering group. 




Cllr BennettMaria Bennett
Maria was elected in 2015 to represent Ravenmeols Ward on the Parish Council. She is currently the Vice Chair of the Parish Council and Chair of the Finance Group and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. She is also part of the Environment Group and General Purposes Group. Her working background is in Teaching and Law. She was born in Formby and moved away to Africa when she was very young but returned to Formby with her own family some 25 years ago. She has always been part of the community and for 10 years ran the Gild Hall Toddler Group on a voluntary basis. Her passion is Formby and ensuring that the community spirit lives on and is a safe and friendly environment for all who live and work here. She advocates democracy and open transparency. Her main concerns are the Neighbourhood Plan and ensuring that this represents what the community want rather than what the Local Council want. In 2014 she was elected as a Borough Councillor to represent Ravenmeols Ward residents at Sefton Council

Cllr BroadbentRoy Broadbent

Roy is a new member of the Parish Council representing Harington Ward. Roy sits on the General Purposes and the Environment Groups. He and his family have lived in Formby since 1972 and having spent his working life with Royal Insurance, he retired in 1992. Roy is a trustee of the Formby Community Voluntary Service and Community Transport Association.



Cllr BrodieDawn Brodie
Dawn was elected in May 2015 to represent Ravenmeols Ward. Dawn sits on the Finance and General Projects Group and other interests include volunteering to help run and organise the Formby Festival. Dawn teaches in a local Sefton school and has 3 school age children.





Siobhan Mulrooney 

Siobhan was elected in May 2018 following a casual vacancy and resultant by-election.



councillorFDenise Dutton
Denise was elected in 2007 and represents Harington Ward. A past Chairperson of the Council, and past Chairperson of the Environment Group, she led the first successful entry into the Neighbourhood in Bloom competition and was involved with the village improvement programme. She is chief fund raiser for the Christmas Lights Committee and is a central member of the Formby Food, Drinks and Music Festival and the Roll of Honour Committees. Denise is a keen volunteer for anything coastal and has been a member of the Beachsafe Forum since 2007. Denise has been a Borough Councillor since 2010 to represent Harington Ward residents at Sefton Council.



Gemma Peace

Gemma was elected in May 2017 and represents Harington Ward. 


councillorBMavis Hearn

Mavis was elected in 2007 and represents Harington Ward. Mavis sits on the Environment Group and also represents the Council on the Sefton Rights of Way Group.



Cllr IrvingDave Irving

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councillorKTony Price
Tony Price was elected in 2011 to represent Harington Ward. Tony was Managing Director of a fruit importing company in Merseyside. Tony has been Vice Chairman of the Parish Council and continues as Chairman of the General Purposes Group. He edits the Parish Council newsletters and is one of the regular volunteers helping with the gardening in the village. He is also one of the team working on the next stage of the village improvement projects.


Bernie Prescott
Bernie and his wife moved to Formby in 1974 and have a son and daughter and six grandchildren. He became an Auxiliary Coastguard at Formby Point in 1980 and progressed to becoming a Regular Officer in 1986 and then District Controller of Liverpool District which extended from the Point of Air to the Mull of Galloway including the Isle of Man, retiring in 2004. He subsequently set up an engineering business with his son and retired again in 2011. “I hope many will remember me from my time with Formby Junior Sports Club and my work for Our Lady's Church. I intend to serve the residents of our Formby to the best of my ability.”


Cllr StinnerFrank Stinner
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Cllr WienckePaul Wiencke

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silhouetteLiz Williams
Liz was elected in May 2015. She has lived in Formby for over 50 years. She works as an independent Special Educational Needs and Behaviour Consultant. And she has an interest in the environment, particularly the Sefton coast.