The Work We Do

Following the awarding of 'Designated Area Status' by Sefton MBC in September 2013, Formby and Little Altcar Parish Council's now have the legal authority to produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the whole of Formby. This will enable those who know and care about the area to plan for its future development. This will be achieved by making sure development takes place in the right places to deliver homes, jobs and services whilst protecting the parish and its environment. We want to encourage members of the community to get involved and any interested resident or member of the business community should contact the Parish Clerk at Formby Library or by email via our Contact form.

With the Community Plan the Council will continue to build on its track record of encouraging a balanced business sector that can meet the needs of residents and attract visitors via sustainable ecnomic development. Ongoing support for safety and security campaigns will complement previous investments in the Village such as the installation of CCTV cameras.

The Council remains committed to safeguarding Formby's environment and will continue to protect the coastal fringe and wildlife, maintain green spaces, reduce energy use and improve waste management and recycling, in attempting to adapt to climate change. The Parish will press for better integrated bus, train and taxi management to achieve better transport links, especially east to west. In seeking a joined-up plan for the Chapel Lane improvement programme, the Council will continue to consult with the public, make appropriate budget allowances and set a cear timetable for the work.

All finance matters are dealt with by the Parish Clerk, the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) of the Council, who records income and expenditure and ensures transactions comply with prevailing regulations. The Finance Committee monitors proposed expenditure and measures this against the budget set, with the assistance of the RFO who is also responsible for arranging internal and external audits and completing the Parish's Annual Audit return.

The Parish Clerk also supports the work of the General Purposes Committee that was set up to advise the Council on handling specific issues as and when necessary; to develop a complaints policy and other documents required by law; to undertake the evaluation of the applications in respect of the community fund; and this work has been extended to include public relations.

With Formby and Little Altcar Parish Council preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan both parishes will progressively become more involved in planning matters. This website also contains information about Sefton MBC's Planning Policy generally and further details about its Planning and Building Control measures.

In recent years the Parish has also implemented a number of successful projects ranging from community boards, bollards and barriers through to planning free Wi-Fi coverage and improvements to the Memorial Garden.

The Council helps to coordinate voluntary efforts to improve the Village and its environs. To this end it is greatly assisted by Community Donations that pay for a range of projects that increase the quality of life for Formby residents e.g. by supporting youth organisations, faith groups and those assisting older people.

The Parish also wants this website to develop as a useful information source for the local community in its own right, linking to local, regional and national sites of interest.